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Welcome, I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain originally from the UK. I studied Computer Science & eBusiness at Loughborough University. I specialise in Content Management System websites - Drupal Voucher eCommerce System

This was my first freelance eCommerce website using Drupal and Ubercart. The design was produced and implemented by a friend Stacy Prendeville, however the rest of the website structure and functionality was implemented by me. The website uses an array of modules to meet the client requirements such as:





  • ubercart,
  • a module to integrate with the Spanish TPV payment system,
  • uc_gift_order to implement a voucher system rather than a normal shippable product,
  • a custom newsletter integration module written to allow newsletter signups at checkout stage
  • Google maps to help illustrate multiple locations
  • Automatic URL and secondary unique product ID modules

One thing I found is how little of Ubercart is customisable even at this late stage in the Drupal 6 life cycle without hacking the core, there were several times when a philosophical question had to be asked... hack? or do put up with it?

One of the first things I did was pull out the code used to construct the product listings page to integrate with a view, this made far more sense as it wasn't trying to therefore reinvent the wheel, and it was far more flexible!