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Welcome, I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain originally from the UK. I studied Computer Science & eBusiness at Loughborough University. I specialise in Content Management System websites


Welcome to my Portfolio, below you can see examples of some of the work I've completed throughout University, my spare time and through work. The Drupal websites are the latest projects in my portfolio and reflect the work I have produced as a freelancer.

As a Drupal Developer Freelancer, I am able to offer my services for anything from setting up a module in an existing website to building an international multi-lingual e-commerce website. If you would like to futher discuss how I may be able to help, then please contact me.

Drupal Content Management System Development


Bodeboca is the first private sales store in Spain and voted the best online store by the Guía Peñín in 2014. It is the most innovative and most popular online store for wine and gourmet products. I am the lead developer in a team of 4 managing the website’s extensive new features every month.  It is a multilingual, multisite Drupal installation with millions of visitors every year. It integrates with many external systems and provides an API for many other systems such as the iOS app.

GNSO is one of the main groups of ICANN in charge of policies involving top level domains. ICANN approached us with the task of making their website more accessible to the public. They came with a complete specification document and wireframes and asked us to build a Drupal theme that would “drop in” and work given any content or layout as most of the site would not be built until after the contract ended. The theme had to work with little or no modifications later on, and work in 8 different languages including Arabic (RTL).

This client started out with 60% of the website already built by another developer who was only able to apply functionality that modules already in existence could do. The website required more complicated development, custom modules, and advanced tweaking to complete.

This project was a challenge to begin with as it required learning how the previous developer had gone about creating the functionality, and without any documentation. To this day the client is impressed with my work and requests work on a weekly basis - Search resorts and exclusive villas

This website has quite a simple front end allowing you to search from a database of resorts with simple information displayed with CCK, Views, and CCK blocks. The majority of this website is in the back end which basically runs the management of several hundred properties.
The client required a system that would both manage her website, her clients, and their properties. The structure of the different elements needed careful planning to make sure that once set up and running with lots of content, there would be no problems requiring lots of migration work. - Mobile telecoms website

This client has a dedicated server and required a Drupal website and template setup that could easily be copied for generating many mini websites. For this I installed Drupal as normal but configured to work as a multisite installation. As well as this, I created an install profile so that for every website, I only need to run the standard Drupal installation wizard and it automatically installs all the configuration of the first website, including the theme setup and some content and blocks. - Drupal Voucher eCommerce System

This was my first freelance eCommerce website using Drupal and Ubercart. The design was produced and implemented by a friend Stacy Prendeville, however the rest of the website structure and functionality was implemented by me. The website uses an array of modules to meet the client requirements such as: - new Drupal Website

I was contacted by ILN ( and asked to help with a website that they had a very short deadline on. I was asked to set up Drupal, configure it, build the sections - each with unique functionality, and implement an html design all in a short period. The actual project took 2.5 days in the end, I am still quite impressed at how quickly I was able to complete a Drupal website from scratch.

This client started out with 60% of the website already built by another developer who was only able to apply functionality that modules already in existence could do. The website required more complicated development, custom modules, and advanced tweaking to complete.

This website uses around 60 modules and has some very interesting features, I actually pushed the boundaries of my Drupal knowlege and abilities throughout the course of this website.

Andalucia Web Solutions

The main project objective for this website was to bring it up to date in both design and content, but also try and demonstrate our belief in the Content Management System (CMS) called Drupal which we are now offering our clients. While the functionality of this site was not majorly complicated there were a lot of sections that required a customised display of information, all pages were required to keep their URL for SEO purposes. This website included the following functionality...

Drupal Modules

Ubercart Newsletter Integration Module

This module was created to be able to allow customers to sign up to a newsletter during the checkout process. It integrates ubercart (e-commerce module) and simplenews (newsletter module).

Custom Systems

Link Tracker System + PPC

A previous technical department member of Andalucia Web Solutions started a project of building a link database system to manage the advertising on, a portal of information on the area of Andalucia. I took over this project and developed it further to provide internal information on the advertising, the status, the click statistics, etc. The general aim however was to have a propery, complete, and manipulable database of what we had on the website.

Later on as the software developed we implemented many other interesting features:

Project Management System

A few months into my job at Andalucia Web Solutions I was approached by the management, they asked me if I could create a system to organise and keep track of Jobs for These jobs would not always be top priority so it was quite easy for a job to get lost along the way.

Mini Systems

PHP HTML Page Parser - Design conversion script

Something I am very proud about is what's called a PHP HTML Page Parser. The PHP HTML parser was written from scratch in PHP to help me with the job of converting over 5000 web pages from an old design into a new design. This took me several months to perfect but I have finally come up with a working script that will successfully convert everything in a given folder into the new design by parsing the old HTML and putting the text content into a new template.

Web Trends System

For my final year project at Loughborough University I created a system for Andalucia Web Solutions. The system tracks and monitors visitor trends through a client website. This system isn't just like an ordinary Website stats system, it allows you to view the exact paths every visitor takes through a website.

Websites Built


A standard template modified to fit the client's website. I have built many websites for fortec including the following