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Welcome, I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain originally from the UK. I studied Computer Science & eBusiness at Loughborough University. I specialise in Content Management System websites - Search resorts and exclusive villas

This website has quite a simple front end allowing you to search from a database of resorts with simple information displayed with CCK, Views, and CCK blocks. The majority of this website is in the back end which basically runs the management of several hundred properties.
The client required a system that would both manage her website, her clients, and their properties. The structure of the different elements needed careful planning to make sure that once set up and running with lots of content, there would be no problems requiring lots of migration work.

The elements involved were..

Individual properties (properties)
Resort Properties (relating to a resort)
Bookings (relating to resort properties or individual properties)
Bookable Extras (relating to booking)
Alerts (relating to resort properties or individual properties)
Deductions (Relating to properties - any work done that month)
Owners (relating to multiple properties) - restricted access given to owner to see booking reports, alerts, and deductions

The reports that were needed were
Cleaning Reports (Per resort based on bookings)
Property reports (Totals the bookings and reports the amount payable to owner and amount of profit made)
Agent Commision Reports
Upcoming Booking Reports (A summary of upcoming bookings broken down by date and Resort)

All in all, this was a complicated system however it has been a complete success and the client is very pleased with it.