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Welcome, I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain originally from the UK. I studied Computer Science & eBusiness at Loughborough University. I specialise in Content Management System websites

Project Management System

A few months into my job at Andalucia Web Solutions I was approached by the management, they asked me if I could create a system to organise and keep track of Jobs for These jobs would not always be top priority so it was quite easy for a job to get lost along the way.

I took on this challenge and came up with a PHP/SQL solution that could manage jobs, allowing you to add/edit/search jobs. There was a user access so on the home page after logging in you were shown all the jobs in your personal queue. In the Admin side you could manage users, departments, project types, how they were performed, who controlled each step, etc.

The system was created so that admin users could modify this system through the user interface allowing the system to remain useful for as long as possible. This system could easily be used in any company as well. It is mostly focused and created for websites containing many pages but it can easily be modified to suit most project types.

After a further request, the system was modified to include statistics so that you can track the progress of work throughout the many steps and stages. You are able to see how many jobs are pending and where, and also see what jobs were completed during a given time period etc.