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Welcome, I am a Web Developer based in Madrid, Spain originally from the UK. I studied Computer Science & eBusiness at Loughborough University. I specialise in Content Management System websites

Link Tracker System + PPC

A previous technical department member of Andalucia Web Solutions started a project of building a link database system to manage the advertising on, a portal of information on the area of Andalucia. I took over this project and developed it further to provide internal information on the advertising, the status, the click statistics, etc. The general aim however was to have a propery, complete, and manipulable database of what we had on the website.

Later on as the software developed we implemented many other interesting features:

  • Search of links not producing clicks (to spot missing links and also advertising that is not performing)
  • Ajax searching for user validation and usability. Most of the advertising is followed through client IDs, number combinations are hard to remember so you can also search without going to another page
  • Ajax form filling. Ajax was implemented to search for previous information used for other advertising from the same client, if we had to create another link we would not have to look up the text and information, the user would be presented with options of previously used information.
  • A Pay per click system was integrated using existing functionality as a base. This emulates the similar idea of google adsense.
  • The link system was integrated with the project management system so that the workflow involved in creating/modifying/removing advertising was followed

Systems Integration

During my time at Andalucia Web Solutions, I have built many systems to serve a very specific and custom purpose. The "Jobs" system was created to manage the flow of jobs/changes/page creations on so that each project type such as "Page Creation" followed a procedure on the pathway to being live. Another system that I took over and improved was the links system. When I arrived to the company, there was no database of what advertising was where on the website, quite often the only reference was the website itself which didn't help if you had lost a link.

As the systems have become more and more of an integral part of how the company works and manages the workflow, it became necessary for the systems to work together. The advertising on started to require a workflow just like page creation so we set up a new project type using the back end part of the "Jobs" system. This wasn't enough though, we needed some sort of link between the two systems to share information.

Now, if advertising has to go on the website, a member of staff enters the "jobs" system, creates a job of type "Create link", and then transfers to the links system to enter the links. When you are done, all of the links you have created are listed in the "job" and you can add information for the rest of the people involved in the process from accounts to technical. As soon as the job is complete, it leaves and is sent to each person necessary one by one until the process is complete where the originator receives an email of notification.